How to Use this Site

Marigold flower
Marigold flower

This page explains what you can find and what you can do on this site.


The Home page hosts my blog. My welcome blog post “Without You, There is No Me!” is “Sticky”; it stays at the top of my Home page.

You are welcome to Comment on any blog post—see below for how to do it.

  • All my other posts appear in reverse chronological order on the Home page, i.e. the latest post appears after the Sticky one, and pushes the previous post down the page. As you scroll down, you move back in time.
  • To read a serialised work, e.g. The Cloud of Goodness or Meditations for Lent, in chronological order (i.e. first the Table of Contents, then the first chapter, then the second, etc.), click the relevant heading under CATEGORIES in the side column.
  • You can click other Categories to restrict your reading to one of the main recurring themes in my overall work. These posts are presented in descending date order.
  • To read all posts mentioning a particular topic, no matter their Category, click a word under TAGS (bigger tags are used more often), or perform a keyword Search.
  • You can Follow this Blog to receive email notifications of all Blog posts as soon as they are published. Simply enter your email address and click [Subscribe].
  • All of the above are different ways of viewing the same content, so if you enter a Comment on a post in one view, that Comment will also be visible in any other view.
  • Open the full content of a post by clicking its title, or by clicking Continue Reading after the first few paragraphs. Scroll to the bottom of the post to Comment.
  • You can Comment in response to the original Post, or Reply to an existing Comment. Your Comments and Replies help to co-create a visible spiritual community online.


The About page and its sub-pages contain background information about me and my current projects.


On the Books page you can read brief synopses of some of my 23 books. The list will grow over time. You can click to buy any that interest you.


The Retreats page explains my interest in retreats and links to The Good Retreat Guide on Amazon UK, which summarises a selection of Retreats with various providers.


Use the Contact form on this page to contact me about anything that it is not appropriate to discuss publicly in Comments on the blog. I promise to reply!