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The Cloud of Goodness

Painting of Banios in the high mountains, by Blanche Odin
The village of Banios-sur-l’Ange in the mountains, by Blanche Odin
The Cloud of Goodness
by Stafford Whiteaker

Table of Contents

Schedule Chapter
12 Feb 2016 1 – The Return
19 Feb 2016 2 – In the Beginning
26 Feb 2016 3 – Plan One of the Devil
26 Feb 2016 4 – The Buddha Monkey
05 Mar 2016 5 – Plan Two of the Devil
05 Mar 2016 6 – Stalin’s Library
TBD 7 – The Devil gets rough
TBD 8 – The Dancers


They invoked the Lord and he answered.
To them he spoke in the pillar of cloud.
They did his will and kept the law
which he, the Lord, had given.

Psalm 98

Without you, there is no me!

Stafford Whiteaker
Stafford Whiteaker
For many years I lived as a hermit in the mountains of the Pyrenees in France. It was there that I started writing the story of Banios-sur-Ange. Maybe it was the storms that inspired me or the great eagles riding the wind. Maybe it was the meadows of wild flowers. Maybe it was because I got lonely and wanted company. In any case I started to write this story, The Cloud of Goodness.

The Cloud of Goodness
by Stafford Whiteaker

For years I had made my living as writer of non-fiction and here I was writing a story about a once-upon-a-time village lost in a far valley beyond the forests. A little history of vice, virtue and the devil. What I wanted, above all, was to get as close to my readers through this story as possible. That is the company and companionship I wanted. I wanted you to be part of my life. In short, I made this website so I could offer the story of the village of Banios-sur-Ange (Banios-by-the-Angel) to you, a place to meet where it all happened, a way of knowing each other, a way of saying, without you, the reader, I would not exist. Continue reading Without you, there is no me!